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So Cal (D011AR's birthday party) TL people

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hey guys...I will have a party this Sat night at my house..see if u guys wanna come...I will provide free food and drinks..especially (Alcohol). and please come and have fun...Take care
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Thanx..Julia~are u coming?? :drink:
well i guess we need to know the time and the location ian.
and oh yeah by the way Happy b-day!!!!

:beerchug: :drink:
heehee~ sorry sorry~ My house address is 19417 Shelford Dr Cerritos Ca,90703. U can input the address to Navi, and need to coming from the front gate which locate it on the South Street. Also the time will be this coming Saturday start at 6pm-7pm
Hey Ian, I'll try to come! So you're brining girls for about some guys for me? ;)
Hey Julia, If Shine is going...he will be the oldest person in there~ otherwise...I think all my friends will be too young for u~heehee:D
hehehe, it's all good Ian! If I can come, i'll come jsut to wish you a happy birthday! :beerchug:
YEEEESSSSS! GIRLS FOR MEE!!!! hahahaha! :naughty:

If Mayur comes...he'll be rolling with us tomorrow..cause he'll be up here in San Gabriel.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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