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Sold on 303 vs. Zaino or Lexol for interior

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Ok so I'm an adamant Lexol interior, Zaino exterior/interior guy...I bought a little tiny bottle of 303 last week...and used it tonight. I was stupid enough to buy and use the Lexol leather conditioner on our clear coated leather...but when I realized it was clear coated (as I should have known) I switched to Lexol Vinyl/Rubber, and Zaino. Well, I have to say...I'm sold on 303, and for a few reasons.

1) If you apply vigorously it gives you a glossy shine, almost as good as Lexol Vinyl
2) If you wipe the excess away, it gives you a satin finish, just like Lexol Vinyl
3) It's less greasy ( though a little more sticky) than Lexol in either of the cases above, and wipes off on my ass and hands less easily
4) It doesn't streak my windows when I'm wiping it around the dash/windshield area and miss! Lexol isn't like that.
5) It has UV40 protection
6) It works better on my tires than Zaino/Lexol
7) It has a less drippy consistency (note, I sprayed this stuff everywhere)
8) It actually softened my seats and door panel leather. I don't know why this would be...because it hasn't treated the leather...but getting into it after coating it twice and wiping away the excess...I could feel the seat flex better. I did not notice this.

This comes from a guy who has been an all out Lexol fan for...quite some time. Honestly I would still use Lexol Vinyl, especially since I have quite a bit of it left. And if it's a lot cheaper...which it's not...then ok. And I actually would use Lexol in shows...because it has a smell that I personally like, while 303 has no smell...and it does give you more shine when you don't wipe it off...while 303 is definitely more of a satiny look. And it does make the seats feel smoother to slide into and out of because it's a wee bit greasy...but 303 I think is the superior day to day product here.

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Thanks for the 411 on 303 :D Where can it be bought?
Looked on and found it at autogeek for $6.95...

i saw a post on using 303. that person meantion about leaving finger prints on the chair after wiping. Did he wipe it too early or too late?
I bought a big spray bottle of 303 based entirely on what people here have said about it, and it's great! I can drench my whole interior with this stuff and not worry if it's bad for it or not...rubber, leather, vinyl, works great on all of it. This truly is your all in one protectant!

Check the 303 Products website. They have a retailer search funtion there, if you want to find who carries it .
303 isn't a cleaner is it? What's the best cleaner to use on clear coated leather?
BlackFire TLS:
No idea...but it doesn't on mine...

A rag and warm water...or even a little mild baby soap and water.

Thanks Austin519. I just got a bottle of 303 at a local Marine/Boat supply store. Since it's not a cleaner, does anyone know any reason why I shouldn't use a high quality leather cleaner like Lexol leather cleaner and then use 303 in place of a leather conditioner? I could use the baby soap and water but I still have some Lexol cleaner left over.
No reason not to if you've still got it. Just make sure to wipe any residue off...I seem to be thinking it has oil in it...

I believe Lexol Cleaner doesn't have any oils in it, but the Conditioner does...this is according to their website. So the Cleaner should be perfectly fine on clear coated leathers, albeit maybe overkill...a wet rag might just do the same trick on the clear coat.
Sounds good :). Btw...who's the girl in your avatar?

I just bought 303 from Tri-City in Fremont. The only instruction I got from the bottle is "Spray on, wipe dry.

How long do I have to wait to wipe it dry for a good result?
BlackFire TLS:
Not too long dude. It doesn't soak in (it can't obviously) so it's just a surface treatment. I'd just wait 10 minutes.

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