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Has anyone here used spacers on thier springs?

I have installed the H&R OE springs on my TLS and just had a 4 wheel alignment perfromed on the car. The rear wheels are OUT OF CAMBER which cannot be adjusted.

In addition, the OE springs make the rear of the car look lower than the front.

I've called H&R to verify if these springs have been tested on the TL and the tech there said "they have tested the springs a number of times on the TL."

Yet ALL of those who have installed the H&R OE springs say thier cars are lowered MORE than .75" FR and .50" RR.

Whats going on? Is my car the only one with camber bieng out after lowering?

Anyone have measurements (Acura center cap to wheel well) for the drop before and after?

Thanks for your help.


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johnnyb_s said:
I'd be interested to know this answer as well...still trying to decide between H&R OE and Sport...
Me too. :wavey: :wavey:

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well i can't say it's proven, but almost all people with OE springs end up having MORE drops than stated, more like 1.5 inch all around.

and i guess out of spec is understandable. our stock rear cambers aren't good to begin with anyway
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