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I recently purchased a 2020 RLX Sport Hybrid, though this question pertains equally to the MDX and NSX Sport Hybrid models.

I also live in one of the non-progressive states that imposes a $100 surcharge on annual registration/plate renewal for anything with "hybrid" in the name.

Given that this car gets worse MPG that every single compact gas car and SUV, and most midsize ones too, I'll go ballistic if I am nailed with a $100 fee on this car.

Has anyone that owns any Acura Sport Hybrid model and lives in an equally non-progressive state successfully disputed this fee? I looked up my state's dispute form (I live in Ohio) and it has no mechanism for explaining I use more gas than the guy next to me in a Focus. It's just "yes, it is a hybrid" or "no, it isn't" checkboxes.
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