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Hey there all.
New today. I'm in Southern California. Presently the proud owner of a 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid and an Acura 2012 TL. As a side note, I was told by Acura this was the first model sold in Riverside County, California, at a time when there was possibly only three in the whole state. My wife drives the MDX most of the time (of course) and I drive our 2010 Ridgeline RTL /Nav, most of the time. Every week or so I drive the TL just for fun. So, you can guess it does not accumulate many miles, 40k so far. Even the Ridgeline only has about 45k. Both TL and Ridgeline still have that new car smell to them.
There was a big stir with Acura on day 2 of proud ownership. These models do not come with a spare tire but instead a little air compressor and a bottle of tire sealant. What? I think the brochures said the all wheel drive models come with a spare, right? Not so. Hybrid Sport All Wheel Drive, get a bottle of foam and a little air pump, LOL.
Once we complained, the dealer, Riverside Acura, accommodated us with full size tire and wheel plus all related items, mounted in the spot where spares are supposed to go. They did the right thing.
The MDX and TL are truly enjoyable to drive and look great.
Looking to forward to reading some great threads here.
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