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Still no fix for my brake problem

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Well i am still fighting with my customer service rep about the TSB. i went to my dealer and he refused sayin i was at 10% and then i called C.S. they said they would look into it. today i got a call from a guy and he was fighting with me for 20 minutes sayin that on a car with 33 thou miles that brakes are wear and tear. i said look, under normal circumstances, i have never had to replace brakes this early in a car and he agreed. He even had no idea about the TSB until i told him and even after he got it in front of him, he was still fighing with me about the wear and tear. This is bullshit , he said he was going to help me cause of my complaint but then he said he had to call my dealer and hear what they had to say. He never got back to me, so i guess ill be hearing from them tom. ill let u know when that happens,
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Well for all of you that think fighting isnt worth it, this post is to make u think otherwise. I faught for over 20 minutes yesterday with the customer service guy and today i called him back cause he didnt call me back yesterday. He said it was only 8 am out there, 11 in fl, and he would call over to my dealer in a few minutes. He called me back within a hour and told me that he spoke with my service consultant, and that they would take care of the brake problem free of charge. He said he appreciates that i have been a great customer to them, and that i didnt make a huge fuse when my tranny crashed that they would take care of me. I thanked him for his help and told him im sure there will be others that will hear my tail and want this treatment too. He said they do things by a case by case basis. So for all you out there that have this problem, dont be affraid to make the phone call to your regional service manager. I really didnt think i was going to get it taken care of, but pleasently i was surprised. Good luck to you all. later
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Hey - congrats bro. What dealer did you use down here?

And I agree - if you have a problem and the dealer is givin you mad shit for it, definitely go to Customer Service. They took care of me. :)
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