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Just a heads up.

I needed some cheap replacement speakers for my winter beater and was ready
to buy some of the JBL LCS speakers for $25/pair when I stumbled across this

Futureshop is currently having a buy one set of speakers and get the second
at 50% off (this includes subwoofers). In the store you get 50% off the less
expensive pair, but on the website you get 50% off of the MORE expensive
pair! You can just keep ordering 1 pair of the JBL LCS speakers of your
choice for $25 and get any other speaker at 50% off including the Infinity
Perfect subwoofers! I bought the JBL's and some Infinity 452i 4" coax's and
including shipping it came to $120 Canadian! My credit card has been charged
for this amount and I received my shipping confirmation a day after placing
my order. Their site is

Just thought you guys may be interested in jumping on this deal before they
fix the problem (if it is one).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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