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Hi guys. I own a 2010 MDX Elite with adjustable dampers. It has 98000 km, so roughly 60000 miles.

I'm having a strange unknown noise. When I turn left, I hear sometime, a small click-click-click from the right wheel or right corner. In other situation like turning right, it never happen. It never happen from the left side either....only from the right side, tuning left. It seems to happen more often when the right corner has some weight on, like turning at some speed, or downhill.

I bring the truck to the dealer, they changed both front swaybar bushings, but the noise stay there. I bring the MDX to an independent mechanics (a friend of mine), he mentions that it cannot be something else than the strut tower (shocks), because everything else is still very stiff. I changed both shocks (very expensive by the way, close to 1800$ for both installed), and the noise remained. Like I said, it's very tricky to make it happen, it's only in some specific conditions....

Could it be a link kit ? Maybe a wheel bearing ? What else ?

Any idea or clue is appreciated...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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