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Greetings, this is my first post.

I have read all of the posts regarding wet carpet due to sunroof drains. My driver and passenger front carpets are soaked, it has been raining here most of the last 2 weeks. Finally got the car inside drying out. I pulled up the carpet as much as I can and soaked up the water and have a fan blowing to dry as much as possible.
With my wife in the passenger seat I blew air into the sunroof drain hole and she could hear and feel air in the floor area. Obviously the drain tube is broken and water is going directly into the cabin. I have decided to grab my ankles and take it to the dealer to fix. My question is, has anyone that has had this problem gone to Honda and asked to be reimbursed? If so, were you successful and what did you do that worked? Thanks for reviewing this post.
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