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Nothing to do,collect some info about Super MB star Technical FAQ from XCAR360.

Q: the system of super MB star 2012.11 with moveable hard disk says no communication between the computer and comports
A: the COM port number has to be set as com port1

Q: super MB star system prompts “No access authorization code, please contact the star diagnosis call center.”
A: Because the user hasn’t active the software, or not active successful, please provide the seller ID to help active.

Q: all systems are activated, but every time I open the software, it asks me again input star key.
A: When the first time you input the star key, you have to click “save”, and set the “lic-key-2 Properties” Read only.

Q: super MB star system says “invalidate” how to do?
A: solution one: send us again the HW-ID, Lan-id, we help you active;
solution two: set the computer time the same as that of super MB star version, for example: if super MB star software is 2012.05, set the computer time to between 2012.05.01 and 2012.05.31.

Q: I have one super MB star 2012.11 with moveable hard disk, and when I run DAS, it says “super MB star dongle not found! Please insert the USB Dongle!”
A: Just check the VM settings, please tick before USB key, please set like this: Removable Devices-USBkey-Show in Status Bar

Q: DAS, WIS.NET, EPC.NET and Staruilities run well, but super MB star says “there are no developer model in the driver”.
A: enter DAS, then press F2 F2 F2, select cars, finally you can see F2.

Q: I forgot Super MB star password for update, how to find back?
A: please provide us serial number, software version and hard disk format, and we will help you find back.
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