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What are the worst cars available on today’s market?

Consumer Reports has released its annual list of the best and worst cars available, after putting each vehicle through a battery of tests. The overall scores for each vehicle are based on over 50 individual tests and evaluations and each is scored on a 100-point scale. Reliability and crash test scores are also factored in to the scoring.

#5. Scion iQ

Coming in fifth place with a score of 36 is the Scion iQ, which Consumer Reports describes as “slow, noisy, and uncomfortable.” One of the few positives that the publication gives the compact car is its overall fuel economy of 34 mpg, but they called the rear seats “puny” and the overall feel of the iQ “darty.”

#4. Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Fourth place went to one of the cheapest electric vehicles available on today’s market, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Scoring 35 out of 100, the i-MiEV is “slow, clumsy, stiff-riding, and quite utilitarian inside,” according to Consumer Reports. The publication notes that the Nissan Leaf is a much better option that “feels like a real car.”

#3. Mitsubishi Mirage

That isn’t the only vehicle from Mitsubishi on the list, as its Mirage ES compact scored a meager 29. While the publication gave the Mirage a nod for its absorbent ride, 37-mpg fuel economy and accommodating rear seat, Consumer Reports couldn’t get over the Mirage’s weak, vibrating and noisy three-cylinder engine and clumsy handling. One of the biggest cons to the Mirage is its poor score on the IIHS small-overlap crash test.

#2. Smart ForTwo

As we near the worst car rated by Consumer Reports, we have to first address the Smart ForTwo that scored just 25 points. The two-seater subcompact got praise for being good on gas and easy to park, but those are essentially the only positives it has. Slow acceleration, a harsh ride and clumsy handling all attributed to its low rating but there’s actually one car that’s worse than the ForTwo.

#1. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

That car is the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, notching a mere 20 points on a 100-point scale. Despite the Wrangler being “better than ever,” according to Consumer Reports, it still suffers from clumsy handling and a ride that rocks and jiggles constantly. Loud wind noise at highway speeds, an uncomfortable interior and poor crash test results are all negatives, but the publication does say its off-road performance is solid. Unfortunately, below average reliability also hurt the Wrangler’s rating.
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