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The infamous clunking noise in Front End....

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Hi all, I have a never ending problem with my 2005 RSX... Let me tell you a little about my history with this problem..

I bought my 2005 Acura RSX brand new from the dealership here in Marietta, Georgia on 3-11-05 and on 5-5-05 I started hearing this clunking noise / popping noise when ever I would drive over uneven payment, gravel road, pot holes (I try to avoid them). speed humps, etc.. Sometimes it would sound like the front end was about to come out.

It is so hard to describe what it sounds like, It's like a dull pop or a banging noise..

Anyway I took it back to the dealership and they replaced the Struts. That seemed to help for about 2 months and then it started back again. Took it back to the dealership and told them and they replaced the springs. That helped for about 3 months and it started back again. I then took it back to the dealership and they replaced the struts, rack and pinion, springs, pretty much the whole front end. When I got it back it seemed fine and then after about 1.5 years it slowly started back popping / clunking again...

I have now taken my RSX back and forth to the dealership a total of 7 to 8 times with this same problem yet they can't seem to fix it so it will not happen again.

I pretty much just gave up and have been dealing with the sound. I have just been playing my radio loud so I don't hear it, but about 2 months ago I noticed that when looking at my car from the back you could see that it was leaning to left (the left side of my car was sitting lower than the right side, looking at it from the back). I then took a look at the front wheels and noticed that the gap in between the top of the tire and the wheel well were different between the left and right. The left side was sitting lower than the right about 1/2 inch. So I took it back to the dealer this past Monday and they said that my warranty is now out and it will cost me 300 bucks to replace the spring in the left strut.. I am now arguing with them and waiting on there response... This has been a night mare......

Also I have another problem and I hope someone can help me..
When ever I come to a stop I get a loud clicking/pop noise coming from the gear selector sometimes it's so loud you can hear it over the radio. It is driving me crazy. Sitting in traffic is the worse. I drive, then stop and it clicks.. Repeat that about 200 times a day while sitting in traffic and see how normal you are. I tried to get the dealership to fix it but they told me that it was normal.. I told them how can it be normal if it didn't do it during the first 3 years I had the car. They pulled a old RSX from the lot and drove me in it and it did the same thing.. they said "see it's normal". I was thinking yea right, this one is just as messed up as mine (the dealerships are sneaky like that). If anyone knows what this could be can you tell me how to fix it?

Also does anyone know how to disable the seat belt warning beep? That drives me crazy also...
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TireMeltingRSX said:
The illegal ways aren't to be discussed here, we can be held liable :(
Actually, I'm skeptical it's even illegal to disable the warning beep. It's illegal to not wear your seatbelt, but I don't know of any law requiring an annoying sound associated with an unplugged buckle.

RSX46 said:
Actually, I don't really need to disable the seat belt warning, If I could find the speaker and muffle it so it wasn't so loud that would be fine.

Anyone know where the speaker is for the seat belt warning beep? :)
I'm not sure where it is, but it sounds like it comes from the dash - like, behind the guages or something. I'll see if I can find it this weekend if I have time.
Indeed, it is actually attached to the back of the guages' circuit board. I just found it and then stole your idea and muffled it. I'll write up a DIY over the weekend (I'm very busy the rest of the week).
Cool man! Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to it...!!!
Hey, while I have you all on here I got another quick question.

What is the best stuff to use to make the weather stripping around the doors, hood, etc soft and subtle again?.. I thought about using armor-all but I thought I would ask first. I used to use silicon but I can't find it at any stores anymore. Also I would like to use something to make the hoses and plastic pieces around the engine bay soft and subtle again.. everything is drying out and cracking. I only have 40,000 miles on it... the weather is awful here in Georgia... :)
Shin-Etsu Grease
Genuine Honda shin-etsu grease. Used for lubricating rubber door seals. - Bernardi Honda Parts and Accessories
You could fill out the papers to file the car under the lemon law. If you take a car, when it is less than TWO years old, to the dealership and they can't fix it within three tries or 15 calendar days then your car is a LEMON and they have to give you a new one. That might work...
I think that varies state to state... and it's not quite as easy as that, it's a long drawn out process involving the courts and lawyers.
DIY here. I posted it on ClubRSX for two reasons:

1. I originally complained about the noise over there, seeking a solution.

2. Kevin expressed concern over whether disabling the beepy thingy is legal or not. Whatever happens to be the case with that, I don't want to mess with it.
What are the illegal ways?
Clip the seatbelt behind ur back I reccomend always wearing speedbelts over speed of 45-50 mph, anything under that ull be fine but 50- 60mph might end up in a concussion 70+ on the high is almost certain death or ull be in the hospital for a Multiply by 1.2 for kilometers >Choose your poison I choose mine wear seatbelt in speeds over 45
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