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The Legend died while driving, won't start.

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My Legend had been driving fine until a couple of days ago. I was cruising at round 70 mph when the it suddenly died on me. Luckily I was able to pull over safely and the car just wouldn't start. One minute or so before it died, the oil light was blinking then the check engine light came on. I had it towed home and checked the ECU, which showed code 2 (rear oxygen sensor). I reset the ECU but the car never starts again. I changed the main relay, desoldered then resolder one of them. I changed the ignition module (I had three from my previous junk yard collection). Nothing worked. I tested the spark plug coil but had no sparks. I opened up the distributor cap and found the original rotor melted. The rotor was replaced but again, no sparks, no start. Fuel pump works fine as I could hear it buzz and fuel squirting out from fuel line off the fuel filter, which was replaced 4 years ago. After the car died, the engine was able to crank but after changing the relays and ignition module, it didn't turn over or crank anymore. All it does now when I turn the key is making tick, tick, tick sound with all the lights on the dash board and clock flashing.

My search over the last couple days showed some threads saying the Radio Noise Condenser could be the culprit. I can't find its location under the hood.

Some comments on other threads about a similar car mentioned that the engine could be toasted. Is it true?

I can't let this girl go so soon. Any help is appreciated.
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Is the set screw on the underside of the rotor still there? Is the shaft itself turning? Might need to pull the distributor to check it out.
Well, you can test stuff like the coil (which should be external if I remember correctly) or the ignition module. As far as rotation, not really since the distributor is driven by the camshaft.
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