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Hello All -

I just purchased a 2015 Acura MDX SH-AWD with Tech package (black on black) a couple days ago and i must say i'm happy to be back with Acura. I leased a brand new TL back in 04. Then traded that in a few years later for an 05 RL. Then i had an 06 MDX. I've had a Trailblazer SS for the last 10 years and unfortunately had to part ways with it and there wasn't another SUV i'd like to have other than the MDX.

I'm excited to be back in an Acura and i'm enjoying the MDX tremendously. Drives so good and i've always said Acura is the most bang for the buck. It came with the all weather mats which was great. Plan on getting the front windows tinted along with the front windshield. I've already ordered the splash guards and a moonroof visor. I think that should do it for now. Any advice you guys can share or any other suggestions on accessories, let me know. Thanks!
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