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My 2000 TL nearly killed me yesterday as the throttle got stuck fully open on a busy boulevard.

I was approaching an intersection and the traffic light turned yellow so I floored it and then it just kept going full throttle into the stopped traffic on the other side of the intersection. As I saw the stopped traffic quickly getting closer, I mashed on the brakes slowed down but could not stop. I quickly flung it into neutral while I was still mashing the brake and immediately stopped and nearly got rear ended. The engine of course started revving like crazy and bouncing off the rev limiter.

I tried starting again but as soon as it starts it would start bouncing off the rev limiter. I tried starting about 10 times or so , no change.

The pedal itself was not stuck in the depressed position but it it did seem to have a little lighter travel than usual until about half way down (but I could be wrong).

So just when I was about to call a tow truck, with the engine off , I tried mashing the pedal hard several times in an effort to unstick it. After several failed attempts, it finally unstuck and returned to normal.

I had no throttle problems at all ever with this car. No gradual stickiness or anything that would give me a clue of a potential problem.

What could be the cause of the problem and how do I go about cleaning and or lubricating the throttle cable and any related parts ? I do my own brakes etc but never worked on the throttle. I would be happy to find the cause and fixing it, as just lubing it and hoping it doesn't happen is a bit too risky in my book.

Any tips on what to check first and how to lube the cable etc ? Is this a common issue on Acuras (research shows that it might be). Any recalls on this car for throttle issues ?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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Get some carb cleaner and just goto town on the back boy. You'll want to get at the throttle plate, return spring (where I think you are having your issues) and throttle rotor. Apply spray lube to throttle rotor and return spring and that should do it. Your cable uses a graphite style dry grease.
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