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Timing belt failed - now what?

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We have a 2001 TL with 154000 and we replaced the timing belt at 125000 and the replacement belt failed yesterday. This was confirmed by our mechanic in the suburbs of Chicago, so now what?
It will be a day before he can give us a quote to dismantle the engines so what should we do:
1. Repair the engine
2. Replace the engine
3. Junk the car. Anybody need new tires, brakes, etc, this stuff was just done...

If we go with option 1, ie repair how is this done, a new belt put on to see if the engine runs or a removal of the head to see the condition of the valves, or some other method? If we do repair, any estimate on how much will this cost and is it worth it for a 11 year old , 3rd car?
TIA Mike
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