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Tint Question

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I want to put 50% on my front windshield
Then keep the 30% on my driver and passenger front windows and limo the back side 2 windows and the full back window.

Do you think with putting 50% on the front windshield you will even be bale to see in to the car at night. Also do you think I risk getting pulled over. Living in AZ the laws are very lax about this. I mean limo is fine on the back, 30% is fine on the front but i'm worried about the 50% on the windshield. Has anyone else done this or seen this. If so does it look good and do you have pics. Thanks
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My dad has something on the front. I don't know what % it is. But I had 50% on the sides of my old car and its pretty light. Hardly looked tinted at all. My dad's winshield lets through plenty of light. But when you look at something at a distance its distorted. But it doesn't look that way on the side windows. Maybe because its an older windshield and has some inperfections, the tint magnifies it. Very annoying to look through.
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