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Tire chains...

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I'm wondering how the RDX performs in snow and whether it's safe to go without chains on the AWD. I not worried about driving anywhere around home in the snow. However, I will be driving from Seattle to Phoenix at the 1st of Jan and usually meet some winter snow conditions on the route. I just don't want to get stuck for lack of a emergency set of chains.
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RDX tire sizes...

Re RDX chains for tires, my manual recommends "cable-type: SCC Radial Chain TC2212MM". When I bought my RDX, the dealer had a custom set of wheels on the vehicle. I probably should have insisted on getting the standard wheels/tires, but they did look SHARP.

The tire/wheels that I got are 245/50R20 and looking up the recommended set of chains in the manual, online it says these chains only go up to 19" wheels. Wondering what to do about this problem. I have found another set that does fit this wheel, but what worries me is the manual also says...

"Check that the chains do not touch the brake lines or suspension." A worrisome restriction, especially at the side of a road, at night, laying in snow with the wind blowing.

Should I be worried and do I even need chains on the AWD vehicle. Several years ago I had an '06 Jeep Commander (AWD) and thought I could go ALMOST anywhere. I was at the summit of a ski area with compact snow, BUT underneath the snow, it was a sheet of ice. With more snow, I would have been fine, but there just wan't enough to keep the tires off the ice. I could NOT STOP reliably so I had to dig out my emergency chains to get out of there.
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