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Tire Pressure

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Wassup everybody quick question. I have the GS-R blades mounted with Nitto 205/55/15s and i was just wondering what PSI should the tires be at? The weathers been crazy here in MD, Warm then cold as balls then warm again so i just wanted to make sure the Tire pressure was aright. Should i just look at the side wall and go by that or have you guys seen better results for everyday driving with another PSI? thanks peace
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Thanks for the info ill get on that tomorrow, well, today haha thanks peace

also if anybody else has any suggestions please feel free
Yeah sjlee, ill def try that out. I mistyped the tire size im runnin 20 50 15s aswell thanks for the info. Tegger DEF hear you on the retarded weather, but sadly atleast over in PA you guys have some snow, here in MD we haven't had enough to call it snow! It's sad, i mean come on snow is fun cause its WINTER! without snow, cold weather is NO FUN! hahaha
aright everybody thanks for the suggestions peace.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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