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Well, it's been an eventful few weeks. I unto the replacement of the cross beam (both parts) on my '03 TL-S. It was badly rusted on the right side near the control arm pivot area. I found it while doing a brake job. Looked very unsafe so I researched it and bought a replacement from eBay.
It was a big job but I "got 'er done", replaced lots of hardware and may things that didn't come apart too well.
A google search seemed to show several others with the same problem and I'm wondering if this was a hushed up problem or if a recall had ever been issued. I hadn't heard of it before.
The car was worth saving, though. The body is pretty rust free under there and it drives great. So, I would check this if you have any concerns about it. The cross beam is the subframe that goes around the engine, bolted to the unibody. The suspension and steering attach to it.
It's kinda important.
Next, I'll be tacking the timing belt job. TM '03 TL-S
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