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So, me and some of the crew from Honsport like to shoot. Since we do a lot of brakes, I have a lot of used brake rotors laying around. It's good cheap iron targets. An interesting find the last time we went out (we finally brought some .308 stuff instead of our standard 5.56 fare) and shot some used rotors. As far as used rotors that we have laying around, it's typically either OE Honda, china white box and Centric C-Tek rotors.

That should kinda give you an idea

Handgun ammo tends to just bounce off the rotors. 5.56 or .223 make nice clean holes (maybe we should do this for cross drilled rotors LOL). When we took the .308 rounds to it, it actually blew chunks out of the rotors, and that's when things got interesting.

With a chunk of rotor missing, we can finally see the density of the iron material used. With OE Honda rotors, we found them to be very soft. The material was almost like a pumice stone, there was so many casting voids. If you have issues with warping rotors, I think this may have a direct cause. The white box generic rotors were significantly more dense over the OE Honda stuff. And the C-Teks being the densest of these "economy" range rotors.

No wonder why even some of the cheaper no-name rotors seem to cure the issue of disk warping better than going with the OEM rotor (shot rotors were from a TSX/TL/Accord V6, Civic, RSX).

I don't know, just giving food for thought.
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