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Anyone had this Toyo?
I'm looking at a used set - I got the Goodyear Eagle LS - 225/60/16 and they're too damn big :( They Rub, and I don't wanna shave my bumper

SO I was thinking 215/55/16 - Toyo Proxes AO5
Cuz all he has left in our OEM size or 215/55/16 are Toyos, Goodyear GS/A & GA and our Michelin's - all of which got really bad survey results/reviewson Tire

So that's why I was thinking the Toyos...
and that should alleviate the rubbing right?

Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference
205/60-16 4.8in 12.8in 25.7in 80.7in 785 0.0%
205/55-16 4.4in 12.4in 24.9in 78.2in 811 -3.1%
215/55-16 4.7in 12.7in 25.3in 79.5in 797 -1.5%
215/60-16 5.1in 13.1in 26.2in 82.2in 771 1.8%
225/55-16 4.9in 12.9in 25.7in 80.9in 783 0.2%
225/60-16 5.3in 13.3in 26.6in 83.7in 757 3.7%

There's also a set of Toyo FZ4 in 225/55/16 -
Looking above, I can see why i have rubbing 3.7% change, vs. miniscule ones for the rest -

so 215/55-16 - Toyo A05
or 225/55-16 - Toyoa FZ4

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Hattophile said:
What price are you looking at snoop? Because that's the biggest
factor here. I personally would go a bit on the pricy side and get
Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position 225/50 R16 unless you
need an all season tire. But, quite honestly, snow tire + summer
tire always beats an all season tire.
USED! lol they only are for my car until winter comes - i dont want new cuz I wanna get bigger wheels next year - and i have 4 snow snow tires to put on on sep. rims
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