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Hi there! New to this forum and happy to be here! I'm getting a B1 service on my 2016 MDX at the dealership. I have a basic maintenance plan but they sprung a transmission and brake fluid change on me for $600 bucks... Needless to say I told them to hold off so I can do a bit of research. I hardly drive the car... It is 2 and 2 months into a 3 year/30000 mile lease and I'm only at 16k miles. I live in Vegas so the summers are brutal but the car has only seen 2 summers... I read that transmission fluid is changed at milage intervals rather than time.... Can someone confirm this? Seems over the top to me to change the transmission fluid when I'm at such low milage and I'm handing the car back in 7 months... Any advice would be appreciated.
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