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So I got lazy and instead of doing so myself, I took my 2013 Acura TL to a local shop to do a transmission fluid change after I confirmed that they have Honda's fluid for filling her up. All seemed good but after driving 400 km or so I started to hear a hmm/rattle from the transmission when stopped at lights and the sound got louder when it was in reverse. When I checked the level of the transmission fluid it was overfilled... Didn't measure it but probably in the700ml to liter range roughly . ...damn A-holes!!
I did a complete flush to get rid of what they put in there.. Well a 4 time drain and fill so maybe 90%, since I couldn't trust that Honda's fluid was actually used because they couldn't even read a dipstick.

Yet I still hear the rattle/hmm .. It happens now when idling and in gear or when in reverse or when driving up a steep road/ramp at first gear speed.. The only difference is now there is a delay of 2-3 seconds in making the sound when I come to a stop . If I let the car roll the the sound gets quitter and is gone once I accelerate.

But aside from making this sound I haven't had any problems (and hopefully never) but I am wondering what is causing that sound and how deep is the Sh*t pile these A-holes made..

I changed the transmission filter about 10000km and got rid of the cold start rattle.. I don't think it is causing this sound but my knowledge is generally very limited and especially for transmission issues.... Hopefully u guys will enlighten me ..and many thanks for it..

BTW car has 100,000 km& its the 3.7 awd trim.
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