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New here.

Hello. Play nice now, because I'm fragile.

Should I buy it?

1994 Acura Legend L completely stock and 168k miles (except for the occasional servicing.) There are quite a few cosmetic issues with it as well as dents, rust and poor body work from a previous accident. Looks more like a beater car and high school commuter than anything else now.

Interior is just worn out, but everything in the car works fine.

Rotors look really bad and pads are paper thin.

Engine bay is as you'd expect for a 20 year old car... used and abused.

Runs fine and took it for a spin on the highway.

Doesn't leak either.

I know these need to be replaced...

Whole Transmission, Rotors, Pads, Shocks...

What else?

Selling price is $1500. Worth it? :wtf:

Pulled all the Carfax and auto checks I could. Nothing came up and said it's super clean. Strange... No records since Dec of 2011.

No lights come on besides maintenance indicator.

Could this be a project car and turn it into a sleeper on the road?

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Welcome to AcuraWorld! :)

Well, let me start with last things first. Sleeper? No. Some will argue with me saying this, but the Legend was designed as a luxury touring car, comparable to the Audi and BMW offerings of the time. You won't find much in the way of performance parts for the car, and honestly if you begin to beat on it, it's going to break. And be quite expensive to fix. Remember that the car is almost 20 years old, and was known for head gasket failures half a dozen years ago or more.

That's not saying you are GOING to have issues like that, but much of it is predicated on how you drive. If you want to drive it like a contestant in the Targa Florio, don't buy it. If you're gentle with it, and respect it, treat it well and it'll last a long, long time.

If it's got rust in the rear wheel wells, that diminishes the value significantly, It was the weak point in the Legends.

Overall, a lot of the answer to "should I buy it?" depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to make a performance oriented sedan out if it, this isn't the car. If you want a good car that'll give you a lot for the money, this will work fine. But in either event, the car is priced about $500 too high IMO.
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