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This was written up by my friend and posted on the BMW forums. He told me to feel free to post it here, so I am ;)

Hi guys, i know everyone trys all the wheel cleaners and all the suggestions everyone has about wheel cleaning, but most of them work ok or not to my standards. But ive finally found something that works amazingly! A couple months ago i was lurking on the e46 m3 board and someone mentioned using Klasse acrylic glaze on your rims, it puts a coat of clear acrylic on the wheel that lasts about 6 months. I was tired of using conventional waxing every time i clean my rims, plus the heat of the rim cant be that great for the wax. I was worried that if i used it on my brand new BBS RX2s that the clear coat might get messed up or it would start to cloud, but someone had to try it out on non OEM wheels, so i did. I put the coat on about 2 months ago and its still just amazing.I would have posted earlier but i wanted to try it on a semi-long run to be sure, i wouldnt want to get you guys excited for no reason! All you do is follow the directions on the bottle, put it on, let it dry and buff it off. Then your wheel is ready to roll. 2 weeks after i saw alot of brake dust on my wheels and was dissapointed it that there was so much. But after spraying on my Meguiars Hot rims and letting it sit for a minute, i hosed it off and much to my astonishment, 95% of BRAKE DUST GONE!!! So far this has been the best method i could find. I dont care if my wheels get dirty, i just want them to be easy to clean. And this solution works very well. There are 2 Klass Products available, The klasse All-in-one, and High Gloss Sealent glaze. If your wheels are new you can use just the High Gloss Sealent Glaze, but if your wheels are some what old then its better to use the all-in-one followed by the high gloss sealent glaze.In my case i just used the Sealent Glaze since my wheels were new. A word of caution though, these products worked fine on my wheels, i dont guarentee the same results for anyone but i recommend trying it at least if you are willing to. Also, they didnt damage my clear coat but i dont know how it would react to other wheels'.Follow the link and the last pictures are of my Brake Dust Team and shots of my wheels after spraying cleaner, letting at sit, hosing it off.....WITHOUT ANY SCRUBBING. I hope this works for everyone as well as it did for me. Good luck, and have a great...brake dust free...weekend!

P.S. After i buffed off the sealent glaze off my rims, the shine was amazing, they looked better than when i received them, Tyrone can verify that too. Remember, it worked for me without problems but be careful when you try it on yours, try it on a small part first to be sure.


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