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My son has a 2000 Acura Integra LS Sport. He's started having a problem with some smoke when he first starts the car, but that's it for the rest of the day. It has 16 valves.The timing belt was changed and valve clearance adjusted less than a year ago.
I feel confident it is the valve stem oil seal in #2 and needs to be replaced (all of them). The car has 155K miles on it, he loves it (does not want to buy another car yet).
What would be the estimated cost for a competent garage to replace all of these, assuming no other problems are found?
What is the time and level of competence to do it ourselves. Timing belts concern me.


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Its a complicated job. The seals themselves are not expensive but they are a pain in the ass to do. An experienced mechanic should be able to do this job with the head on the car but the camshafts will have to be removed and the timing reset. 2-3 hour job for someone who has done it before. Cost will depend on the location and type of shop too. Valve lash adjustment will need to be performed after the seals are replaced as well.
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