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Hello all.
Been into cars for some time. Got interested in tunercars since 2005. I used to own a '94 Eagle Summit coupe. (Mitsubishi Mirage) But now I own a 1999 Acura EL. Sorry. I'll upload pics of it soon. I promise.

I joined up just as I did for my last car. To gather info within the pages of this forum. I hope to get smarter about my car and learn more about what it exactly is before I embark on any tuner adventures with it. I know it's a Canadian market only car and that it's a gussied up Honda Civic of sorts.

I've already searched a few aftermarket items, but it's kind of confusing because there are zero listings for any suspension/chassis/engine mods specifically for an Acura EL. Near as I can figure, it's American equivalent is a Honda Civic EX Sedan. Anywho.................

I look forward to filling my brain with, as we called Honda/Acura guys in the other tunersite I belong to..."the Dark Side,":laugh: knowledge.
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