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The ‘every day exotic’ has a mean streak
by Colum Wood

Forget Aston Martin, the Audi R8 V0 Plus should be James Bond’s car. It perfectly matches his personality. It’s good looking and sophisticated, but be careful, it’s has a violent side.

The R8’s ferocity is tremendous. And not just in the shocking acceleration or spectacular braking, but in how quickly it can turn on you.

Adding emphasis is that this every day exotic can easily lull you into a comfort zone. Rivaling the Porsche 911 as a daily drivable sports car (though with a much more wild look), it comforts you in luxurious leather and Alcantara and let’s you cruise through your day with its fancy new smooth-shifting 7-speed dual clutch transmission. And then there’s that “quattro” badge on the dash, delivering a mental safety net, with the reassurance of all-wheel grip.

Push it to the limit, however, and the R8 reveals itself as genuine exotic. Once the tail end of the car moves around quattro becomes about as meaningful as your Miranda rites in an Iranian jail.
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