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Really hoping someone can help out with this.

My Car is a 2002 Acura RL with Navi

I recently did the EGR + Intake cleaning procedure to get rid of P0401 engine light. The procedure went great, a lot of gunk build up and had clogged the passage.

However, the moment I turned my car back on after reassembling everything, while the check engine light had gone off (woo!), the VSA-Off Indicator was on along with the VSA Light. After attempting to read the VSA code, the ABS light then also came on.:sqnteek:

I performed the VSA Neutral Position Memorization procedure, and it seemed to have worked fine. When jumping the blue diagnostic plug, my ABS light still flashes the code 9-8. The VSA-Off Light and the VSA Light do nothing.

In the service manual, the DTC 98 = "Different Model". What is this?
It says "** See page 19-265 ('00-01) or 19-6a ('02-04)"
Any idea what page 19-6a says? I can't find it.

The ABS and VSA also activates when it shouldn't be. When I brake harder than normal, I can feel the ABS grinding through the pedal. I can also feel it when taking a sharp turn. Its as if my VSA computer thinks it needs to activate even though the wheels aren't slipping. Any ideas? ECU issue? VSA modulator issue? Wheel Speed Sensor?

Any feedback would be very appreciated . I'm trying to avoid going to Acura and paying the $140 just to have them look at it.


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