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VSA lights on after car sits 4 months

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I recently made a dumb mistake and let my Acura TL sit for several months without driving it. And of course it didn't want to start up when I tried to drive it. After putting in a brand new battery it would start but then stall out, I had to keep my foot on the gas pedal or it would turn off and of course all the pretty lights on the gauges were lit up.

I decided to do a few things. Did an oil change, ATF flush, power steering flush, new air filter, removed the intake manifold and cleared out all of the black gunk that was clogging the passages and sprayed the manifold and throttle body with air intake/throttle body cleaner. Car starts and does not turn off, after a couple of test drives it runs smooth now. Checked with my OBII scanner and there are no DTC codes, all maintenance/warning lights are now off except for the VSA light and the VSA activation light. They stay on.

I have tried removing the clock fuse to reset the ECM, removing the VSA fuses, resetting the maintenance/check engine lights. I don't know what else to try. Can anyone PLEASE help me figure something out. I don't have the $$$ to take it to the dealer or enough lube for what they're gonna try to shove up my ass!
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interesting that you cleaned out the egr passages, my 99 just threw a check engine light and VSA light at the same time. The code is p0401 egr flow insufficient. I have not yet cleaned the passage or cleared the code but the VSA light has gone out. Let you know if I come up with any connection. Did you ever get any codes on your scanner?
No, my OBII scanner did not pick up a single code. The TL was idling rough, causing it to stall out. I knew about cleaning the EGR passages because my 00 Accord EX was also idling rough and had the P0401 code. I cleaned out the passages real good with a small brush and intake cleaner and that solved the problem. Since my Accord and TL are basically the same in a lot of ways I figured I would do the same with the TL and since cleaning out the passages the car hasn't turned off on my and idles fine now.
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