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walked a celica gt-s

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i was on my way to the store to pick up another 12 pack w/ a lowered GT-S comes up to me at a light, he had exhaust, thats all i could tell. Well he revved on me and i instantly took a half a car lead. We were staying there, then i pulled about another half a car by 50 and about a car and half by 80. I let off and he went by and flipped his hazards. I was thinking there is no way this fucker is thinking he just won. Pull up to another light. Side by side, same exact thing w/ the same results.
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nice kill......and he's really pathetic if he thought he won :rolleyes:

I destroyed an 90-91 Integra LS w/ a fart can on the back...what's funny is the guy took off before the light changed, I got a bad start and I still beat him.:p
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