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I just got a 2021 RDX and am already running into some features I would like to disable. I'm curious if any of these are possible and anyone knows how to shut them off:
  • I want the radio to shut off when the car shuts off, not stay on until I open my door. Is that possible?
  • The annoying audio/visual animation of the Acura logo/picture of the car when you get in and out of the car. Can this go away?
  • The tailgate beep. We also have an MDX and I'm guessing turning this sound off would have to be done by unplugging some wires or something, which is the only suggestion we ever found for our MDX as well. Curious if anyone has done this or knows of a way to do so.
Yes, I know these are petty things but I figured I might as well see if I can turn them off. They're not dealbreakers if I can't. Thanks!
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