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Want to share my incident - no power to car whatsoever

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Hey guys...

So my car took a big shit on me yesterday but im hoping its an easy fix. I have an 05 TL and have been having battery problems for the last couple months, just haven't been able to get a new battery for it. I drive a crown vic for work so its not an everyday driver. Ive also been jumping it pretty much every time i got in it. It was not able to sit overnight without losing charge. That being said, yesterday i jumped it to go make the car payment. Ironically, when i went to leave the bank, it would not start, and there was no power to the car whatsoever, no lights, no cranking or the signature clicking of a dead battery, no door locks etc. I pulled my stepmoms jeep (who works at the bank) around and attached cables from my battery to hers, still no power. With the cables connected i applied voltmeter to my battery and it read 14 volts approx. My dad came up there for my lack of tools and we pulled the battery off. The sides were bulged out so he assumed that was the issue, we bought a new battery and put it on the car. Still no power whatsoever. So we checked the fuse box and found that the battery fuse had a blown fuse. Its a 120/70 amp fuse that can only be found at an acura dealer, and i wont be able to get the fuse in until thursday.. i will keep yall updated on progress, just wanted to share my experience with anyone who might ever have the same issue.

Lesson learned: always check your fuses and battery connection first.. instead of wasting time out in this freezing cold weather.
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Got the part in the other day, installed the fuseable link and got power back. Turns out there were two other small fuses that blew under the dash, instrument panel and another one I can't remember. Easy fix, remember, always check fuses!
I've had the similar problem with my TL '06. The battery keeps draining on me, and just keep re-charging (I have a protable re-charger I keep on back seat, not trunk - u know why) the battery as needed. So, finally I boought a new battery. It lasted 3 weeks w/o problem. Then one monday, car has no power at all (again). So, recharged and took to my mechanic. His first question, "does lights flicker off and on sometimes when you turn or hit a bump?" - I said YES. He said, that's your fuse box or (MICO unit), which can only be fixed at dealer, because of computer electrical security code. It is common problem with Acura and Honda. I called dealer they said it will be about $900 to fix!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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