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Hi All! I have a weird problem and I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light, no pun intended, onto this problem.

I have a "low mileage" daily driver 1999 Integra GS Coupe in great condition and has not given me any problems so far. I have NOT recently replaced any bulbs or done any wiring.

When I have my headlights ON, the left turn signal indicator that normally blinks in the instrument cluster, remains solid, however, the turn signals DO NOT blink.

I have found that when I turn OFF the headlights, my LEFT turn signals will work fine, however, my right one will not work at all. I have checked all of the bulbs, and they are all KNOWN GOOD.

Also, with the headlights ON, I cannot turn on my emergency flashers either.

Has anyone experienced this problem? I was going to take it to a shop, but this doesn't appear to be a common problem and I was trying to see if I can get some advice before I start throwing away money on this problem.

If anyone at all can guide me to what to look for, I would be most appreciative!

Thank you all so very much! :wavey:

Dave W.
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