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Android Auto is the latest product from Google that’s designed as an alternative to CarPlay but for Android users. Similar to the Apple infotainment solution, Android Auto will use your Android smartphone to enable apps and extra features while driving.

Having just debuted last week, automakers have already announced support for this system giving the two major names in the world of smartphones a home in the car. You can expect production cars to debut with this system before the end of the year, but for those still wondering about Android Auto, we’ve got your fix right here.

Instead of relying on the car’s computer, which is often outdated, Android Auto uses your phone as the source of its computing power. Additionally, Internet connectivity and apps come right from your device. All you have to do is plug the phone into your car and your phone experience is sent right to your the infotainment system.

The familiar user experience between your phone and car is an advantage. Android Auto displays your phone’s information on your vehicle touchscreen in a simplified form designed for safe use on the road while preserving a recognizably Android interface.
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