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Why do ricers

always drive like maniacs when they have to know that their type-R stickers only add 10 horsepower - not 100?? ;)

and people in pimpmobiles drive with their seats so far reclined that you can only see the tip of their heads over the steering wheel?

put their Japanese-letter stickers on upside-down and backwards?

white out everything on their car - headlights, taillights, gauges - yet add color to the insignia???

I've long pondered these and many other mysteries of the ricer race...can someone fill me in?

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because they think they are cool...

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Well while you are pondering those useless things, your kid is farting in some department store, ponder that:D :D

I just ponder the Binoial Theorem and what one British thermal unit per hour is equal to in Kilowatts an hour.
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