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I need to replace the front rotors on my wife's 2000 TL, and I'm running across two different references.... "Brembo" and "Non-Brembo" types when looking for parts on line. I'm not looking for "Slotted" or "Drilled" or "Performance" type rotors. I just want to replace them with a reliable "Stock" type rotor.

I always thought that "Brembo" was a manufacturer (Just like Bendix, or RayBestos), but now I'm seeing listings for "Brembo" with another manufacturers name on them.

Can anyone tell me what the "Stock" Rotors are for this car? I drove my wife's car yesterday, and felt a pulsing and steering wheel vibration when braking that tells me the rotors are beginning to warp. I want to replace them before it gets any worse, and I'd rather just replace them, instead of having them surfaced (They're only going to warp again, so I'd rather just do it right the first time)

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