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Where to get Sways installed in Mass??

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I am finally going to have my Comptech Sways installed on my 2000TL, if I can find someone to do it for a reasonable price!
Any ideas from people in Mass?? I called Herb Connolly, and they quoted 6 hours @ $75\hr....YEAH RIGHT!!! I called Direct Tire, where I have my oil changes done, and they don't install aftermarket parts.....I was hoping to spend about $100 to have them installed.....any recommendations would be appreciated!

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Herb Connolly quoted 6 hours? Oh my god...dude...what the hell do they do? You realize what installing sways is right? You unbolt two brackets per sway (2 bolts/bracket), then a bolt at each end, take the old bar off and put the new one on. 12 bolts total for both bars. If you can't do it yourself you need to return your car and get a bicycle. Check out my site in my sig for a how-to.

On another note...I REALLY suggest you call them back and bitch them out...better, report them to TLC. If you don't I will. 6 hours is a complete lie, and they must just be pocketing your money...because with the tools they have (and the lift) the 30 mins it took me would shorten it to I'd say 15 minutes or so. The fact that they say it takes 24x as long as that....uhmm...:mad:

dazz....I'm from MetroWest, near Framingham.

No *hit!! 6 hours is ridiculous. I've had warranty work done by them, and they have been great.....always get a loaner, and they always fix the problem. I knew there cost for a sway install would be high, but not that high....I think they just make up a number on the phone to see if the person is stupid enough to say, "OK". It's not worth the aggravation to get into it with them. I have better things to do with my time. Anyways, I did look at your sight on the sway install. I know it's not that difficult, but I don't have any ramps or jack stands, or a torque wrench. I just thought if I could find a shop to install them for a reasonable price, why not??
Yeah I'd definitely only do warranty work with them then...nothing else. As for the install...look at it this're definitely going to get charged around $'s too easy a thing to make money off of for someone to give you a good deal. With that in can go to Walmart, get a good set of jackstands and a jack with wheels for $40, and if you don't have any tools pick up a set of wrenches and a hex set for another $28 at Home Depot, and come out with a "free" set of tools and save $32...or you can have someone install it. You don't need a torque wrench at all. Just standard wrenches and a hex wrench (allen wrench).

And maybe it's just a thing with me...but I can't help but scratch about people who let others put mods on their cars. Same with people who have others install their car stereos, wire up their home theaters...etc etc etc. Because what is there to brag about? The fact that you bought it? Anyone can do actually installing the mod yourself, that deserves some it's a whole lot more rewarding once you're done :D. This comes from a guy who used to go to Jiffy Lube in his old car and pay $30 to have his oil changed in 5've been there.

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well Austin i guess you are better than everyone who gets other people to install their mods. :rolleyes:

Some people arent you, get over it.
I suggest you actually read dude..."and maybe it's just a thing with me...but I can't help but scratch about people who let others put mods on their cars."'s just something I feel...not something I expect everyone else to feel or do. I gave MY reasoning for why I install everything myself, and said NOTHING of anyone else's reasoning otherwise :rolleyes:.

And I never said, nor implied, that I was better than anyone else who paid to have their mods installed. Of course I don't think that. I just don't understand what the value of talking about it is beyond "yeah I have this on my car." Because then it's just a money thing...not a skill or technical knowledge thing. But thanks for the comments Jesal. Actually, no, nevermind. :rolleyes:

swhtech said:
any recommendations would be appreciated!
I don't know how far you want to drive, but I would give Drivers Side a call. They are located in Plainville, right off of 495

508 699 6600

They did a lot of work on my Integra when I had it.

You could also try Ebeling Auto in North Attleboro (right next to Emerald Square). They did some work too.

508 695 7081

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