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Hello folks,

My 1999 tl has some whining noise sounds like a supercharge activated. The faster the car goes, the louder it will be. A mechanic told me it was a wheel bearing issue. I checked the front wheels after jacked up them. It feels like almost zero clearance on either side. Then I did another test. I jacked up both front wheels and started the engine and placed the tranny in drive. Then pressed the gas gradually. I did not hear any noise at all. So if it's the bearing problems, I was supposed to hear something, wasn't I? But it definitely has something to do with suspension components, right?

When driving, I have no problems moving forward and backward and no noise when changing gears. I doubt it's the tranny issues. The drive belts are only a few months old.

There is no leaking in the exhaust system.

The tires are of Michelin and they are about 2 years old with less than 10k miles on them.

One of the upper control arm, with slight clearance, has been replaced but it does not help.

Alternator can be the problem, can't it? But I have no charging issues.

I'm planning to take the car to a dealer but not sure it they can detect the problems.

Thanks in advance.
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