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Ludacris is keepin' it real.

Appearing on Chelsea Lately last night, the rapper-actor not only dished to Chelsea Handler on the charity work he's been doing with Jane Fonda in his hometown of Atlanta lately, but also revealed why he's still driving the same car for the past 20 years despite earning enough money to buy a whole fleet.

"I just found out that you drive a 1993 Acura Legend?" asked the funny lady.

"This is the car that I've had way before all the commercial success. So I still drive it. It has like over 240,000 miles on the car. Yeah," replied Luda.

"That is the same kind of car my drug dealer in high school had," quipped Chelsea. "Yeah, he had a black Acura with tinted windows and we would drive to Plainfield, New Jersey and buy little baggies of weed."

"You know, I think the Acura Legend was the signature drug dealer car back around then. So it's a good thing," added the hip-hopster.

The car talk is appropriate, especially given Ludacris is costarring in Fast and Furious 6, which hits theaters today.
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