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Will different width tires front and back do any damage?

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Hi everyone ... this is my first post in here.

I had a set of 20" rims off my 2011 SS camaro sitting in the garage, as it turns out they have the same hub size, offset and stud pattern as my wife's MDX.

They bolted on fine ... so I sent my wife to a local tire store to have the TPMS swapped over.

The tire store were concerned that having different widths front to rear would effect the all wheel drive system. The backs are 275/40/20 on 9" wide rims and the fronts 245/45/20 on 8" wide rims.

I checked a tire size calculator before fitting them to ensure that the circumference of the camaro wheels were the same; they are within .07" or 1.8mm (less than you'd get with tire wear).

The circumference difference between the MDX's original tires and the camaro's is 1.2"

The section width of the front camaro tires however is about 3/8" less than the MDX.

So here's my questions ... will the following do any damage:
1) different tire widths between front and back
2) larger circumference of 1.2" between the original MDX tires and the Camaro's (other than making the speedo out slightly)
3) smaller section width of 3/8" on front tires to the MDX

Out of curiosity I looked up a 255/45/20 that will fit on both camaro rim sizes AND provides almost exactly the same section width and circumference to the MDX factory rims. If all else fails I could put 4 of these on and have everything OK.

I appreciate everyone's help in advance!
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If all else fits and overall diameter is the same, I see no issues. There might be some funky handling (more understeer, however for most female drivers, that may be a good thing; just sayin').
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