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:rofl2: red rocket FTW!!

i have some of those doc's that ken posted except brown. but i wear dress shoes at work. we're allowed to wear tennis shoes i'm told.

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Aight, as some of you know i'm in the construction industry...

CCET, Civil Construction Engineering Technology... i'm involved in project management, construction documents (such as drawings, contracts), estimation and on-site collaboration...

the nice thing is i dont have to get my hands dirty, im the office guy, brains behind the operation i guess...

anyway, when i used to work out in the field, and when i do visit jobsites, workboots are a must. I laugh at some of our salesman who go out to a site with running shoes or loafers... :snipe:

anyway, how many of your wear workboots, and what brand do you recommend? if not, want type of shoe are you required to wear to work?

I for one love Red Wings Workboots... altho the good ole fashion Texas Steer from K-Mart suffice.

I have a pair of Red Wings, a pair of Dr. Martin's, a pair of Texas Steer Workboots.... the doc i wear everyday in the office, the Red Wings i wear on a somewhat clean jobsite, and the Steers i wear on shitty muddy jobsites.

I cant stand those thug wanna be's that wear timberlands and think they are bad ass... son, put those boots to work and get dirty, dont give the illusion that you work hard....clean boot, esp work boots are a sin.
Danner. They are spendy, but worth it. Semi custom fit, and the walking shoes are wonderful. I have one pair that I wear hunting in dry conditions that have been around 15 years. Most comfortable you can imagine.

I wear Rockport dress shoes exclusively now.

well, that's why i bust them out every-so-often.. they are my shit pair, so if they get ruined, i dont mind...

red wings are very comfy, so are my doc's
Red Wings are super comfy, but don't last like they should. Doc's are clumsy for me to wear. :dunno:
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