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Howdy there! First time post on here as I'm recently getting back into the honda/acura thing. My budget doesn't allow for anything much newer than maybe an 04' or so. But I'm looking for a nice TL or even a CL type S manual shift. Optimal scenario would be a 03' CL type S 6 MT or a 03' TL type S. I don't know much about the 04' TL's and TSXs? but that's basically what I'm in the market for. Located in the Eastern Tennessee area, so if you're close and have something shoot me a pm!

Oh..also, I'd like to find something clean and stock. Some tasteful mods I would be alright with but nothing with exhaust, body kit, 20's, etc...

Thanks for looking :D

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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