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Please visit our website for more information about us & our products
some of our buyers said its hard for them to visit our website
please make sure you add www dot our domain dot com it will open

Need help? We're available 24/7

Contact us [email protected]
Shipping via FedEx Ups & Dhl
Free shipping worldwide
Delivery time 3days

(Pioneer DJ Controllers & Remix Station White & Black)
Pioneer DDJ SX Performance Controller...$500
Pioneer DDJ S1 DJ Controller....$500
Pioneer DDJ T1 DJ Controller...$500
Pioneer DDJ Ergo Limited DJ Controller...$400
Pioneer XDJ Aero Wireless DJ System...$500

(Pioneer DJ Mixers White & Black)
Pioneer DJM T1 2 Channel Traktor Mixer...$500
Pioneer SVM 1000 Professional Audio/Video Mixer...$2500
Pioneer DJM 2000 Nexus Professional Performance DJ Mixer...$1000
Pioneer DJM 2000 Professional Performance DJ Mixer...$1000
Pioneer DJM 1000 6 Channel Professional DJ Mixer...$1500
Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus 4 Channel Professional DJ Mixer...$900
Pioneer DJM 850 Performance DJ Mixer....$800
Pioneer DJM 700 Professional Digital DJ Mixer..$550
Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus-M Limited Edition Platinum....$1000

(Pioneer Speakers & Headphones White & Black)
Pioneer S DJ08,Active Reference Speaker Pair..$500
Pioneer S DJ05,Active Reference Speaker Pair...$400
Pioneer HDJ 2000 Professional Flagship DJ Headphones...$150
Pioneer HDJ 1500 Professional DJ Headphones...$95
Pioneer HDJ 100 Professional DJ Headphones....$80

(Pioneer CD-DVD-Media Players White & Black)
Pioneer DVJ 1000 Professional CD/DVD Turntable....$1200
Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus Professional Multi Player...$900
Pioneer CDJ 2000 Professional Multiplayer...$850
Pioneer CDJ 900 Advanced Multiplayer...$700
Pioneer CDJ 850 Professional Multiplayer.....$600
Pioneer CDJ 800MK2 Digital Vinyi Turntable...$650
Pioneer CDJ-2000 M Nexus-M Limited Edition Platinum...$1000
2x Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus + 1x DJM-900 Nexus...$2500
2X Pioneer CDJ 2000 +1X DJM 900 Limited Edition White...$2000
2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000 M and 1 x DJM 900 M Ltd Edition Platinum Series...$3000

(Pioneer Car Navigations)
Pioneer AVIC-Z150BH Navigation...$600
Pioneer AVIC-X950BH Navigation...$550
Pioneer AVIC-X850BT Navigation...$500

(Rane Products Mixer)
Rane MP26 4-Channel Club Mixer with USB....$800
Rane MP25 4 Channel Club Mixer with USB....$700
Rane TTM 56S Performance Mixer.....$600
Rane MP 2016S Rotary Mixer....$700
Rane Sixty One Serato DJ Mixer.......$700
Rane Sixty Two Serato DJ Mixer.....$800
Rane Sixty Eight Serato DJ Mixer....$1000

(Numark Controller)
Numark Mixtrack II 2 Channel DJ Controller..$180
Numark Mixtrack Pro II 2 Channel DJ Controller....$200
Numark ns7fx motorized dj-software performance controller...$650
Numark NS6 4-Channel Digital DJ Controller...$600
Numark idj pro premium dj controller for ipad....$300
Numark 4TRAK 4-Channel Traktor Controller...$600
Numark mixdeck quad universal dj system...$500

(Kenwood Car Navigations)
Kenwood DNX890HD Navigation...$500
Kenwood DNX690HD Navigation...$400
Kenwood DDX790 INDASH DVD 7" SCREEN...$450

(Alpine Car Navigations)
Alpine INE-Z928HD 8-Inch Audio/Video/Navigation System..$600
Alpine INE-W927HD7-Inch Audio/Video/Navigation System...$550
Alpine INE-S920HD DVD/GPS Receiver....$500

(JVC Car Navigations)
JVC KW-NT810HDT Gps Navigation...$650
JVC KW-NT510HDT Gps Navigation..$550
JVC KW-NT310 Gps Navigation...$500

For Sprinity orders, you can get a copy of your receipt online:

1. Sign in to My Account, and select View Orders.
2. Click on the order number for the receipt you wish to print.
3. Click the View Order Receipt button and print
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