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my dad is going out to hong kong next month and he asked me wut i wanted for my car. what are some parts out there that are cheaper there than here or things we cant find here and suggestions on what i should ask for? our cars our known as inspire there rite?

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not really, in hk you can actually find acura 3.2 tl. there is an acura dealer in hk. my dad has seen couple of 3.2 tl already, and he actaully sees more 3.2tl then inspire

anyway, maybe he can check out some 6000k philips bulbs, sometimes shops have "water goods" from japan. dunno if they will be lots cheaper though.

other than that i can't really tink of anytihng that he can physically BRING over

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Don's TL said:
u can bring over inspire emblems and shit.....but not much else. Since there are not that many inspires in HK. I live in HK so i know. :)
Hey can you get me Black H emblem on the back and american eagle emblems on the each quarter???

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