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XM Install

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Just bought the Pioneer GEX-903XM receiver and the Terk SR1 glass mount antenna (the SR2 needs to be wired through the back window...beyond my ability).

Anyone do their own install before and can give me some tips?

Here's what I think will work:

1) Stick the antenna on the little pane of glass on the driver side back door (I was told putting on the rear window would interfere with the in-glass antenna and probably wouldn't work at all when the defroster is on)
2) Run that wire under the trim into the trunk
3) Mount the XM receiver in the trunk
4) Run another power wire to the trunk directly from the battery (I figure a 10A line will suffice)
5) Reach behind the radio, yank out the antenna wire to attach the FM modulator (I'm hoping to do this without removing paneling)
6) Velcro the XM display controller to where the CD holder is (01 TL non-navi)...I never use the CD holder anyway.

Feel free to tell me the CORRECT way before I destroy my car :D
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