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i don't know. today morning i was on my way to work on the freeway, minding my own business. on my ass was the all new corolla type s... yeah, that high up suv. since i have a ticket already i just cruise at around 70 in and out of traffic. i think he was interested so he tried to outrun me. i am totally fine with that coz' i don't have to prove myself to be faster.

so instead of following me ass he decided to pull to left and accelerated (notice i can't even use the word gun, read to see why). i didn't wanna do it so instead i got into the right lane and continue to do 70 through traffic.

to my surprise he wasn't doing that much faster than me..... and the worst possible thing? he's probably not a good driver coz' he doesn't really know how to get in and out of traffic. within a mile NOT following me, i was like 10 cars in front of him already. remember i was still doing 70. finally i got in front of him, yet again, and too bad, i exited the freeway before he could come close :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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