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I was minding my own business driving on Rt. 287 South in NJ yesterday when a blue RSX decided to play with me. Normally I wouldn't even bother and to make it worse, it wasn't even a Type-S. He kept speeding up and slowing down so I got the point. I waited until he took off again and I followed. Blew past him doing like 100 mph and he was a few cars back. During our little race, we zoom right by a Z06. So of course the Z06 took off after me. Needless to say, he caught up to me in no time and stayed right next to me for like a few seconds. Then he decided to take off and I felt like I was standing still. I was going past 120 mph and he was getting smaller and smaller.:( But it was a great site seeing that monster take off like that.:D

Then today I was getting on Rt 280 when a blue prelude (tints, lowered, exhaust, bodykit) blew past me. He had a girl lin his car and I had my wife. It took me a few minutes to catch up cause there were traffic. And I know he was expecting me to catch up. So I finally caught up to him and there was a clearing ahead. Instead of having a fair start, as soon as I got near him, he WOT. So I did the same. I didn't even bother with SS, just stomped on the gas. Took me like only 2 seconds to catch him and passed him with authority. Next thing I knew I was going 130 mph and he was about 4-5 cars back and still trying. But too bad cause my exit was coming up so I had to slowed down. As I looked over as he passed me, I noticed that his girl or female friend was staring at my ride.;) Even my wife noticed it too.:D BTW, my wife was holding on so tight to the "oh shit handle" that she dug her nails into her hands cause she was scared out of her mind. But after I slowed down, she had a big ass smile on her face.

2 wins, 1 loss
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